• Dare-2-Dream

    Part One

    16 people voted in the first part of the survey.

    The nominees are:

    • Rachel: "I think the rest of the team expects us to become an item. You, the hot, male lead, and me, the stunning, young ingenue everyone roots for."
    • Rachel: "You know, you can kiss me if you want to." Finn: "I want to."
    • Rachel: "Break a leg." Finn: "I love you."
    • Finn: "Dude, back off; you're just jealous. Jealous of what we have, and what we shared with the entire audience because it was shared between two people who love each other. It was the Superman of kisses! It came with its own cape, right Rachel?"
    • Kurt: "Finn and Rachel's the "Kiss that Missed" already has over 20,000 views on YouTube and the comment section is full of pithy banter like "Why is the T-Rex eating t…

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  • Dare-2-Dream

    So, originally, I was going to put the winners on a star awards, but that is really hard, so I'm just gonna list them.

    17 people voted in the first part of the survey.

    The nominees are:

    • Season One
    • Season Two
    • Season Three

    And the winners is...

    Season Three

    Q #1: Favorite season?- Stats

    Answer Choices Responses Voter Number
    Season One 41.18% 7
    Season Two 11.76% 2
    Season Three 47.06% 8

    The nominees are:

    • Pilot
    • Showmance
    • Acafellas
    • Preggers
    • The Rhodes Not Taken
    • Vitamin D
    • Throwdown
    • Mash-Up
    • Wheels
    • Ballad
    • Hairography
    • Mattress
    • Sectionals
    • Hell-O
    • The Power of Madonna
    • Home
    • Bad Reputation
    • Laryngitis
    • Dream On
    • Theatricality
    • Funk
    • Journey

    And the winners is...


    Answer Choices Responses Voter Number
    Pilot 5.88% 1
    Showmance 5.88% 1
    Acafellas 0% 0
    Preggers 0% 0
    TRNT 0% 0
    Vitamin D 0% 0
    Throwdown 0…

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  • Dare-2-Dream
    Welcome to The Finchel [Team] Awards!

    The Finchel [Team] Awards (TFTA) almost the same thing as the Glee Wiki Awards, but all the categories is Finchel related. The difference between the GWAs and TFTAs is the GWAs are hosted on chat, where as we will be hosting TFTAs via blogs. You won't have to log onto chat to hear the winners.

    TFTAs will be starting on January 27th, when Glee starts back up again. Dare-2-Dream will make another blog post on this wiki with the link(s) to SurveyMonkey where the voting will take place.

    • Seasons
    • Best season
    • Episodes
      • Best S1 episode
      • Best S2 episode
      • Best S3 episode
    • Song
      • Best S1 duet
      • Best S2 duet
      • Best S3 duet
      • Best overall duet
      • Best Finn solo
      • Best Rachel solo
      • Best solo in S1
      • Best solo in S2
      • Best solo in S3
    • Kiss
    • Best kiss in S1
      • Best…

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  • Dare-2-Dream

    You Still Out There?

    November 5, 2012 by Dare-2-Dream

    Yeah, this is a short blog.

    You users still out there? It's been lonely with just Kira to keep me company here. We need you guys to be active to make this a good wiki. For all the team members (admins, CMs, etc.) if you're no longer active, Kira and I are going to have to recant (yesh ((yes I said yesh), recant is fancy shmancy for revoke, which I just learned one minute ago) your powers and give them to someone else.

    Over and out,

    Wondering Where I Am, Lost Without You FINCHEL Will We Forever Only Be Pretending? 00:50, November 5, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Dare-2-Dream

    Hello fellow Finchelites. I am Rylee, as a few of you may know. Anyways, as the title of this blog says, this is a step-by-step guide to help you add infoboxes.

    As Help Wiki says, an infobox is like a sidebar or fact sheets. They sit on the right side of the page and hold information. Infoboxes are forms of templates.

    There are many different infoboxes. The most common used ones we would use on this wiki would be Infobox character, Infobox song, and Infobox relationship.

    Click 'edit' on the page you want to add the infobox. Look on the right side with 'add features and media' and all of those goodies. Click on the templates drop box.

    Like I said before, there are mamy different infoboxes you can use. If you want a regular infobox, just click o…

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