The Power of Madonna
Season 1, Episode 15
Air Date April 20, 2010
Episode Guide
"Bad Reputation"

The Power of Madonna is the fifteenth episode of season one. It aired on April 20, 2010.

When Santana offers to have sex with Finn, Finn rejects and says that he's waiting for Rachel to lose his virginity to; however, Santana reveals that Rachel is still seeing Jesse, and they are having some intimacy and decision-making themselves because Rachel asked for advice from the girls earlier. Finn approaches Rachel and asks her to tell him the truth of whether her and Jesse are still dating. At first she lies and says no, but he can tell and says, "I know things have been weird between us, but I never thought you'd lie to me." Afterwards, she tells the truth and makes Finn promise not to tell because they are still friends. Finn, let down by this fact, agrees to Santana's offer.

Finn and Rachel share a talk after their nights with Jesse and Santana, where they question each other on what they did. Rachel, lying, tells Finn she had sex with Jesse. She told Jesse that she couldn't sleep with him because of how he was "the enemy", but it had to do more with how she was not ready to give up her virginity to him. Finn tells Rachel that he didn't lose his virginity to Santana because he's waiting for the right person. However, he did have sex with her, but felt no different afterwards because "it didn't mean anything." When Jesse transfers to McKinley to be in a public relationship with Rachel, Finn gets angry and believes people are just doing things to hurt his feelings.

This is where Finn realizes how badly he had treated Rachel when he gave her up to go on a triple date. He goes up to her to apologize and confesses that he likes her,but agrees that he screwed up by saying "I could've had you, but I blew it." He sings Borderline/Open Your Heart which sums up their feelings for each other. He attempts to mend relationships with Jesse and gives a welcoming hand to him joining New Directions, stating that he will try to "stay away from his girl."