Saturday Night Glee-ver
Season 3, Episode 16
Air Date April 17, 2012
Episode Guide
"Big Brother"
"Dance With Somebody"

Saturday Night Glee-ver is the 16th episode of season three. It aired on April 17, 2012.

While Santana is singing If I Can't Have You Finn and Rachel are seen giving each other loving looks, implying they miss each other. Finn then goes to meet Rachel in the auditorium where they have a sweet conversation with Rachel singing How Deep Is Your Lovefollowed by a kiss. Later in the episode, Finn sings More Than a Woman to Rachel. They have a discussion, and Finn finally decides that he wants to go to New York with Rachel and go to college to become an actor. Rachel tells him he is her hero and Finn replies back saying "You're mine." and the scene ends with the two of them sharing a kiss.


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