Prom Queen
Season 2, Episode 20
Air Date May 10, 2011
Episode Guide

Prom Queen is the 20th episode of season two. It aired on May 10, 2011.

Finn discovers that Jesse St. James is back, and Rachel is going to prom with him (as a group with friends). They have a small argument, where Rachel tells Finn he has to respect whoever she dates, as she has to get used to the feeling of having a broken heart every time she sees him with Quinn. Finn responds by telling her that he still cares about her. Finn then explains how he feels he has no dignity handing out prom king and queen leaflets around school and is stressed about what to get Quinn for a corsage. Rachel suggests something simple that won't distract from her face, before walking away with a saddened look. Later, Rachel, Jesse, Mercedes and Sam are all at Breadstix preparing for prom. Finn and Quinn arrive to see them, resulting in tension between Jesse and Finn (which is quickly defused by Mercedes). At the prom, Rachel then performs Jar of Hearts for the slow dance at the prom. She aims the song towards Finn, staring at him the entire time, which doesn't go un-noticed by Quinn. Jesse is also staring at Rachel through the performance. At the end of Rachel's performance, Quinn told finn how happy she is the be here with him and he doesn't seem to share this feeling. When Blaine performs his number, I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, for the prom, Jesse and Rachel get closer and closer while dancing, he starts kissing her neck, which annoys Finn to his breaking point. Soon, he breaks away from Quinn and confronts Jesse, telling him not to get so personal and to keep it PG. Jesse responds by telling him its none of YB (Your Business) his business, and she isn't his girlfriend anymore. The two begin to push one another until Finn swings his fist at Jesse, and missing, causing them both to get kicked out of prom. This altercation proves Finn still has deep feelings for Rachel. Later when the prom king and queen are announced and Quinn loses, she gets upset. Rachel follows her to the bathroom and tries to comfort her, but Quinn blames Rachel for losing saying that nobody would ever have voted for her because they know he (Finn) would rather be with Rachel, proving that Quinn is actually aware that Finn still loves Rachel. Rachel tries to deny it, but Quinn then slaps her, quickly apologizing afterwards.


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