Season 3, Episode 21
Air Date May 15, 2012
Episode Guide

Nationals is the 21st episode of season three. It aired on May 15, 2012. The episode began right after Props finished.

Finn reveals he bought a glass mug of Chicago to smash during the Jewish portion of their wedding ceremony as he wants it to symbolize the city where New Directions went from losers to winners. Racheltells him his optimism is very sexy and Finn informs her that he also made a bet against Rick that New Directions would win Nationals. Rachel is worried about this as the money he used to bet with was for their honeymoon but Finn is confident that he'll double their money. He then says Carmen will show up, then they'll get married, smash the glass and live happily ever after. Rachel goes on stage to perform It's All Coming Back To Me Now and is still upset that Carmen didn't show up, despite this Finn encourages Rachel to go on and perform. While Rachel is performing, Finn watches her from the curtain with a smile on his face and when Rachel finishes the song, she smiles and runs to Finn to give him a hug. Finn and Rachel also dance together during Paradise By The Dashboard Light in which they hold hands numerous times throughout the performance. During Tongue Tied, Finn and Rachel kiss in the school corridor in front of a crowd of students. Finn and Rachel are called into Figgins office and receive some presents from him which includes $5 towards their wedding. During the teacher of the year ceremony, Figgins calls "so called Finchel" to the stage and both of them give a speech before presenting the award to Will.


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