Mash Off
Season 3, Episode 6
Air Date November 15, 2011
Episode Guide
"The First Time"
"I Kissed A Girl"

Mash Off is the 6th episode of season three. It aired on November 15, 2011.

New Directions and Troubletones learn that they will be going head to head at Sectionals, which causes the in-school rivalry between the two groups to grow even larger, particularly between Finn and Santana. When Santana is insulting Finn, Rachel is quick to defend him. When Rachel opts to withdraw from the presidential race, Finn is proud of her decision. Rachel also offered Finn a kiss when he won the rock-paper-scissors game against Santana. Finn is seen with his arm around Rachel in the Troubletones' performance. Rachel try to defend Finn from Santana but then Santana slaps him, leaving everyone shocked as she left the room.


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