Season 3, Episode 13
Glee finchel
Air Date February 14, 2012
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"The Spanish Teacher"
"On My Way"

Heart is the 13th episode of season three. It aired on February 14, 2012.

Rachel and Finn tell the Glee Club about their engagement. Most of the team think it's a mistake, while Artie, Tina and Mike volunteer to attend and offer their congratulations. Santana later tells Rachel that she can love whoever she wants to (as a response to Figgins' ban of gay and lesbian PDAs) and that she is okay with the marriage. Then The God Squad come and sing Stereo Hearts to Rachel, as a Vocal Valentine from Finn. Rachel's dads, Leroy and Hiram, find out about her wedding and host a family dinner and unexpectedly, secretly not liking about the wedding, have Rachel and Finn have a sleepover to see what it's like to be married in the hopes that she will rethink marriage. While upstairs, Rachel proceeds with her extremely long pre-bedtime routine. Finn asks her if he can use the bathroom, but she says no because she's not done. This gets Finn mad and they have a fight, ending up with her throwing a hairbrush. She immediately cowers, realizing she made a mistake. They later "kissed and made-up" and then are seen in bed together. They discuss how they are going to manage New York, and just about to go to sleep, they realize it's time to go to Sugar's party. When they are about to leave, they reveal that they are getting married in May, leaving Hiram and Leroy shocked.